December 1, 2020 | Mark Paradies

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Root Cause Analysis Executive Briefing

TapRooT® Consulting

TapRooT® Users know how much the TapRooT® System helps improve root cause analysis, incident investigations, and performance. But have you thought about other ways that System Improvements’ can help you improve performance? TapRooT® Consulting can help! And it will make your job easier and your management happy.

TapRooT® Investigation Facilitation

TapRooT® Training makes your investigators independent. They will be able to investigate incidents without help from SI.

However, major accidents, controversial incidents, and customer complaints may require outside assistance to assure top management, the regulator, or the customer that a thorough and effective evaluation was conducted. That’s where our experienced TapRooT® Instructors, who are also experienced investigators, can help facilitate your team’s investigation.

How can you get our help? Call us at 865-539-2139 and we will get a facilitation agreement in place.

TapRooT® Incident Reviews

One way to continuously improve your investigations is to have them reviewed (graded) by others. We can help by providing an experienced TapRooT® Expert to review an investigation and provide ideas to improve the investigation.

We suggest you have several investigations reviewed each year to get a broader analysis of your investigation process.

How can you get these reviews started? Contact us by CLICKING HERE.

Root Cause Analysis and Investigation Program Audits

When was the last time you had an external audit of your investigation/root cause analysis/performance improvement program? We have TapRooT® Experts around the globe who can help you tune-up your improvement processes by performing an improvement system audit.

These experts have seen best practices that can help you make your program world-class.

Want to get an audit started? Contact us by CLICKING HERE.

Trending Expert Assistance

Do you wonder what your trends are telling you? Have you attended the TapRooT® Advanced Trending Training? If you have not, you could read Book 8, TapRooT® Performance Measures, and Trending for Safety, Quality, and Business Management.

Or you could have an SI trending expert help you analyze your root cause data for important trends. We can also conduct an on-site trending course.

Want more information? Call us at 865-539-2139.

Develop a Human Performance Improvement Program

Does your facility have human performance problems? Too many human errors? We have experts that can help analyze the causes and suggest improvement ideas.

Alex teaching stopping human error

But before you go too far, we suggest that you attend our Stopping Human Error Course. You can attend a public course or have a course at your site.

You could also read Book 10, Stopping Human Error. Then have us help you set up an effective program to improve human performance.

For more information, call Alex Paradies at 865-539-2139 or CLICKING HERE to drop us a note.

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