February 8, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Stop the Sacrifices – 20 Years Later

Stop the Sacrifices – Have Things Changed?

Two decades ago, after an emotional family funeral, I wrote the article titled “Stop the Sacrifices” to make a point about stopping construction fatalities.

I’ve reposted it today because the lessons still apply in many industries.

Read the article and then review what you and your management are doing to ensure Safeguards exist and are applied to prevent fatalities. (Click on the article to download a PDF that is easier to read.)

Stop the Sacrifices

Are You Ready to Improve?

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  • Jody Smith says:

    Thanks Mark. I’m sorry for your loss. This is a deeply moving article that comes from the heart and speaks to why we must reach higher levels of safety performance. I appreciate TapRooTs insights into what it takes to get there.

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