August 9, 2013 | Barb Carr

Safety & Serious Injury / Fatalities Prevention Track at the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit

Come and learn best practices at the TapRooT® Summit. Dave Janney, track leader for the Safety & Serious Injury / Fatalities Prevention track, gave me a preview of the sessions that are planned for 2014. Don’t forget that you can customize and add any best practice session to your schedule even if it is not on the track that you choose:

Using TapRooT® to Prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Dave Janney will present new ideas to revolutionize your fatality/major accident  prevention programs and start you down the road to eliminating major accidents. (Find this session listed in Best Practices Session 3, Wednesday at 2:40 p.m.)
Slips, Trips and Falls

shawRob Shaw, from the Health and Safety Laboratory in the UK, will be giving a whistlestop tour of the science behind slipping accidents using real world examples to illustrate the causes of this common type of accident and exploring some of the barriers to preventing serious accidents before they happen. (Find this session listed in Best Practices Session 5, Thursday at 10:50 a.m.)



Driving Safety – Culture Leads to Success

8250HuberMany companies have identified driving/transportation as their highest risk. In fact, the USA Department of Labor reports that 42 percent of workplace fatalities are in the transportation category. Some companies have had success in implementing programs that dramatically reduce this risk WITHOUT alienating drivers, unions, etc. (Find this session listed in Best Practices Session 6, Thursday at 1:00 p.m.)

Bruce Huber, Vice President, Inthinc Technology Solutions, Salt Lake City, Utah, will share how to positively impact behavior AND use technology to establish and maintain a positive safety culture eliminating high-potential and fatal driving related incidents.


Maintenance & Safety Improvement – How They Are Related

Photography by Chad Greene - ChadCRG ImagesBuddy Lee, machinery and reliability expert in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Sanjay Gandhi, COO, Kurrent Technologies Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya, will discuss how maintenance and safety improvement are related, and how using this knowledge will help reduce injuries on the job. (Find this session listed in Best Practices Session 2, Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.)



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