August 26, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Medical Care Problems Around the World – Too Bad Root Causes Aren’t Being Fixed and Fatalities Happen Over and Over

In Western Australia, 85 deaths were reported over a two-year period.

In Indiana, 105 serious medical errors were reported in 2007 – including wrong site surgeries and foreign object retention.

Many of these incidents are caused by the same root causes happening over and over again.

Repeat incidents are a sign of poor root cause analysis and corrective actions.

Isn’t it time that the healthcare industry progressed beyond “5-Whys” and Cause-and-Effect to discover (and fix) the real root causes of medical errors and patient deaths?

Advanced root cause analysis may not be as easy as Spin-a-Cause,


but it will yield reliable results and improved, effective corrective actions.

So when lives are on the line, and patient safety hangs in the balance, don’t allow “simple” root cause analysis and repeat failures to cause more deaths. Learn TapRooT®, become proficient in its use, and change the way work is done to eliminate sentinel events.

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