September 17, 2020 | Mark Paradies

Do Your Managers Need a TapRooT® RCA Executive Briefing?

Executive Briefing / Roadmap to Success

Level Set Your Management’s Knowledge of TapRooT® RCA

Does your management know about TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis and how it can help them with their biggest challenges? What kind of challenges?

  • Stopping fatalities
  • Improving safety
  • Meeting production goals
  • Improving product/service quality
  • Keeping projects on schedule
  • Improving equipment reliability
  • Stopping regulatory violations
  • Meeting their quarterly goals

We can help your management understand how advanced root cause analysis works and how it can help your site/company achieve excellence. It starts with a FREE executive briefing.

Here is Alex Paradies and Benna Hughes discussing Executive Briefings and Roadmaps to Success…

Read on for more details about a TapRooT® Executive Briefings and how to schedule one for your company.

Understanding TapRooT® RCA

In this virtual meeting, we will guide your management through the workings of TapRooT® RCA. This includes a demo of how easy it is to use the TapRooT® IV Software.

We will discuss the implementation of advanced root cause analysis and help your management develop a vision for applying TapRooT® RCA at your company.

If your management decides that it is worthwhile to implement TapRooT® RCA, we will help you develop a custom Roadmap to Success.

Custom Roadmap to Success

What is a Roadmap to Success? A plan to implement and continuously improve your TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System.

Executive Briefing Roadmap to Success

The details of the roadmap specifically designed for your company/site can be developed in the Executive Briefing or in followup meetings.

Executives at leading companies around the world have found these meetings to be an amazing tool to develop programs to improve their company’s root cause analysis and performance improvement initiatives.

Once the Roadmap to Success has been developed, we will work with the implementation team to track progress, make mid-course guidance corrections, and develop improvement strategies.

Keep Your TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Implementation Constantly Improving

Every Roadmap to Success includes a section on sustainment (continuous improvement). The initial implementation of TapRooT® is just the start of your successful improvement journey. As you implement TapRooT® and see performance improve, we know you will develop ideas to use TapRooT® RCA in other areas. This will help you make your TapRooT® RCA implementation even more effective.

Existing TapRooT® Users – Update Your Implementation Roadmap to Success

For those already using TapRooT® … is your Roadmap to Success over a year old? Would you like to update your TapRooT® RCA implementation with the latest best practices to make your program even more successful? Then update (or create a new) Roadmap to Success.

Contact Us to Get Your Executive Briefing Scheduled

Are you ready to make your root cause analysis and performance improvement programs more effective?

Are you ready to:

  • Stop fatalities
  • Improve safety
  • Meet production and earnings goals
  • Improve product/service quality
  • Keep projects on schedule
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Stop regulatory violations

Then it is time to schedule your Executive Briefing.

CLICK HERE to request an executive briefing for your senior management. We will contact you to set up the briefing you need to make your root cause analysis and performance improvement program world-class.

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