May 3, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

IOGP Wells Expert Committee Latest Well Control Recommendations


IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee has released an updated version of IOGP Report 476 – Recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination, and certification.

Now in its fourth edition, this IOGP report provides recommended enhancements to existing industry well control training, examination and certification processes, as well as related philosophies that should be considered for adoption throughout the industry to improve well control preparedness and performance.


The content of this IOGP report applies to all types of onshore and offshore well control operations worldwide.

Its recommendations are applicable to the personnel who plan, approve, or execute well work at any stage of a well’s lifecycle. Issues addressed include:

  • Key input parameters to well design (pore pressure and fracture gradients)
  • Well design
  • Design of activities on wells
  • Well construction (drilling and completion)
  • Well intervention, wellhead maintenance or workover
  • Plugging, suspending, and abandoning wells

The focus of this effort excludes production-related work.

The IOGP report is available for download from the Publications Library.

IOGP Report 476 contains a graphic outlining IOGP’s recommendations for training in well control. This has also been made available separately and may be downloaded from the Publications Library.

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