February 22, 2021 | Emily Pritt

Human Factors Expert Shares How to Stop Human Errors: A TapRooT® TV Video Premiere

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Should Your Company Care About Stopping Human Error?

That depends…

Does your company care about:

  • Fatalities and lost time injuries?
  • Rework of manufactured products?
  • Returned products due to quality issues?
  • Regulatory fines or stop-work orders?
  • Delays in permits/government approvals?
  • Production upsets?
  • Needless equipment repairs?
  • Lost production due to equipment stoppages?
  • Lost business due to schedule slippage/late shipments?
  • Project delays and rework due to construction mistakes?
  • Bad press after an accident (reputation loss)?
  • Insurance costs?

Just one accident avoided can pay for your entire human performance improvement program.

What are the Human Error Traps & Precursors? We’re glad you asked. Read more by clicking below:

Watch Alex Paradies and Michelle Wishoun as they discuss this topic

You may also listen to the conversation on the TapRooT® podcast

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Book 10: Stopping Human Error

Stopping Human Error Training

Courses and Tracks

Click for more information about the Stopping Human Error Course.

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Join us every week for the TapRooT® TV video premiere

The premiere of new TapRooT® TV videos on Wednesdays is at noon, on Facebook and YouTube. You may also listen to the conversation on the TapRooT® podcast. Of course, you may always listen/watch at your convenience via these links, even if you miss the Wednesday premiere.

Register for a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training Course

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training courses are taught all over the world. If you are interested in learning how to stop repeat incidents, find a 2-day or 5-day course.  We are available to train you and your staff on-site at your workplace; contact us to discuss your needs. You may also call us at 865.539.2139.

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