November 23, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

How far away is death? Bigger brain vs. smaller?


Does the size of the brain really matter?

Whether it’s through National Geographic, scary shark shows, or observing sea creatures close up, we’ve learned that — just like animals in savannah habitats in the East African plains, the pampas of South America, or Northern Australia’s woodland expanse — there’s an anticipated pecking order, or hierarchy, of predators vs. their prey . . . and it often involves the predator’s brain or intelligence.

So, when it’s the crabs vs. octopuses (with their super-intelligent brain), it gets interesting fast. You’d be right to think the octopus almost always has the advantage and here’s why:

  • Octopuses move with great speed.
  • Their eight long arms are covered in suckers, making it a shoo-in for them to catch and grip prey while chomping into the catch with powerful jaws.
  • And did you know that each of an octopus’ arms can think for itself (so the brain in the head can focus on another problem)?
  • Octopus ink can blind the recipient with its spray; that same ink can mess up the prey’s sense of smell and taste.

Take a look at how far away is death for what’s under the waves in this BBC video:

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Image by Adry Mozeal from Pixabay.

How Far Away Is Death?
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