October 23, 2013 | Barb Carr

How Do You Identify Fatigue-Related Mistakes in the Workplace?

bill-sirois.jpgFatigue in the workplace is difficult to measure, and it is even more difficult to identify as a causal factor of accidents and injuries. However, fatigue does contribute to human errors including errors in judgment, risk-taking behaviors, clouded decision-making, ability to handle stress and reaction time.  At the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit, we will examine issues of fatigue and human error in more detail. Come and join us on Thursday, April 10 at 2:40 p.m. for:

Fatigue and Human Performance – The Tell-Tale Signs of Fatigue Related Mistakes

Bill Sirois will be leading this informative session He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Circadian Technologies, a leading research, information and consulting firm specializing in reducing the costs, risks and liabilities of shiftwork and extended hours operations. Bill has a chemical engineering and ergonomics background, with more than three decades of operational management and consulting experience in the areas of health, safety, and productivity.

See the Summit Schedule to learn more about the sessions we have lined up on the Human Error Reduction and Behavior Change track in 2014.

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