August 28, 2023 | Mark Paradies

How Could the Best Process Safety Advice Come from the 1950s/1960s/1970s?

Rickover at S1W

What Process Safety Advice Are You Missing?

There are many “experts” in process safety. Their advice has become laws in the USA and Europe. But accidents continue. Why?

Perhaps we should go back to the first expert on process safety – Admiral Rickover – and see what he said about excellence and process safety.

What did he have to say about process safety (or, as he put it, reactor safety)? What are we missing in our current efforts to improve process safety in industrial organizations?

Rickover’s three major points in achieving excellence are:

  1. Technical Competency
  2. Total Responsibility
  3. Facing the Facts

But even though these three points are extremely important, they aren’t enough. There are 18 more elements of his philosophy. And Rickover said that you must apply them all to achieve excellence. All of these points are covered in this set of articles about the normalization of deviation. Learn what the expert – Admiral Rickover – had to say about process safety by CLICKING HERE.

Read on to discover insights about how Rickover developed his philosophy and applied it in the 1950s/1960s/1970s. Also, learn about Mark Paradies’ experience with his Rickover interview and Mark’s experience achieving excellence on a nuclear-powered ships.

Learn How Rickover Became an Expert

How did Rickover develop his philosophy? He had a long struggle with the normalization of deviation and Navy brass that would accept less than excellence. You can read about it in his semi-official biography:

Rickover: The Struggle for Excellence

Screen Shot 2018 08 02 at 3 41 10 PM

Click on the book above to purchase it on Amazon.

Mark’s Experience with Normalization of Deviation and Changing to Normalization of Excellence

Mark Paradies served aboard two nuclear-powered cruisers – The USS Arkansas and the USS Long Beach – in various leadership roles, including time as the Main Propulsion Assistant on the USS Long Beach. He experienced what it took to achieve excellence in Admiral Rickover’s Nuclear Navy.

USS Long Beach CGN 9

Here is a TapRooT® TV episode from three years ago about Mark’s experience with the normalization of excellence and Admiral Rickover’s program…

The Nuclear Navy was an important part of Mark’s development and something others can learn from (and perhaps apply to improve performance). How can you learn more about the normalization of excellence and use it to improve process safety? Read on…

Learn More About Excellence and Conservation Decision Making

One of the ways you can learn more about excellence and improving performance is to attend one of our Stopping Human Error Courses. What’s in the course? CLICK HERE for a course outline. And CLICK HERE for our upcoming course dates and locations.

You will find the information interesting and useful in your efforts to achieve excellence and improve process safety.

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