August 11, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Historic Video – Does It Still Apply Today?

Mark back in 2007

2007 Video – Is It Applicable Now!

Here is the historical video that I’d like you to watch…

Wow! 2007 is 16 years ago. So what has changed about the Summit?

What’s Changed? Mainly Improvements…

Every year, we critique the last Summit, and based on your feedback and our staff’s keen observations, we implement improvements. That’s 16 years of improvement.

I looked at the planning for the 2024 Summit, and these were the improvements I noticed:

  • More Best Practice Tracks to choose from
  • More Success Stories from TapRooT® Users
  • Summit guarantee
  • More participants to meet
  • Horseshoe Bay location
  • More pre-Summit Courses
  • The Whova App to improve attendee networking
  • Some great, new SI staff that make the Summit even more interesting
  • More prizes, including Early Bird, being on time, scavenger hunt, and more…

What’s remained the same?

2024 Global TapRooT® Summit Keynote Speakers

What’s gone?

  • No golf tournament (but still a great place to play on Friday afternoon or stay over until Saturday)
  • Mark is 16 years older (but not gone yet)

Register Now!

Register for the Summit and see for yourself what a great meeting we host!

And bring your whole improvement team and get these discounts…

Summit discounts


2024 Summit Location
The Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas
Root Cause Analysis
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