May 5, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Friday Joke — Chicken coup, coupe, or coop?

Chicken Coup

One chicken at a time — are they staging a coup, or are they living in a coupe? What the heck is happening?

Apparently, it’s now a cool thing to convert old vehicles into chicken coops.

Scratching around, I found a pertinent blog post, “Picture Sunday: Chicken Coop Art Cars,” on a website called “Root Simple” by “Mr. Homegrown” who tells us that an artist “repurposed a vintage police car” for his art piece featuring chickens adopting the car as home base. Mr. Homegrown also shared that an Alfa Romeo had been adapted for an art installation with — you guessed it — chickens living it up in a fancy sedan.

Image credit: Image by Ralph from Pixabay.

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