November 23, 2021 | Michelle Wishoun

Don’t forget food & kitchen safety during the holidays!

kitchen safety

As we enter the holiday season, we lower our guards, and food and kitchen safety is not always on our minds. What is on our minds? Food, football, family and friends.

There are many different safety factors when it comes to the holidays, but I want to talk a minute about this. Do you think about food safety when you are cooking that big Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends? I don’t. I know. I know. I should. We all should. After all, we may be cooking for other people, and we certainly don’t want to be the reason they are in bed the next day and not out there doing their Christmas shopping.

I was recently visiting a friend and was having a conversation with a group in the kitchen. I was standing by the stove. The kind with the knobs on the front of the stove. Without even knowing it, I turned on one of the burners by leaning up against the knob, and a plastic container on the stove eye was burned. How often has that happened?

Here are some great kitchen safety tips:

  • Keep children (and me obviously) away from the stove.
  • Do not leave the house while food is cooking.
  • Make sure the kitchen floor doesn’t have any trip hazards.

Here are some great food safety tips:

  • Always, always, always wash your hands after handling raw poultry.
  • Use separate cutting boards for raw meat and produce.
  • Cook your meats thoroughly.
  • Store leftovers within two hours.

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