March 2, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Five Favorite Blog Articles from 2022

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Most Clicks = Favorite

What blog articles received the most clicks in 2022? It’s a little unfair because some articles have a long history (the number 1 article was written ten years ago), but here are the results for the top five favorite blog articles from 2022 by click count…

Number 5: Why Human Error is NOT a Root Cause

Human error is a popular topic, and lots of people visit our blog to find out more about human error and how to stop them. This article and the one below are two of the top articles for people who want to know if human error is a root cause. People clicked on this article 4,323 times to learn why human error is NOT a root cause.

Number 4: Is Human Error a Root Cause

Another human error article makes it into the top 5 favorites. This article was so popular that we updated and republished it. It was originally written in 2019, and we added to it and republished it (updated) in June 2020. It was clicked on 4,516 times in 2022.

Number 3: Fishbone Diagram Root Cause Analysis

Want to learn the pros and cons of using Fishbone Diagrams for root cause analysis? Then read our third favorite article by clicking on the link above. 18,528 other people did in 2022.

Number 2: Best 5-Why Examples

Even though 5-Whys is a substandard root cause analysis technique, an article about the best and worst 5-Why examples received the second most clicks – 25,420. People like to learn about the 5-Whys. Let’s hope they aren’t using it to solve serious problems.

Number 1: Live Your Core Values

Barb Carr wrote this article based on a talk presented at the TapRooT® Summit. Little did she know it would become an internet hit. Even though we don’t promote the article, which is now ten years old, it still received 30,337 clicks in 2022. Click on the apple above to take the 10-minute exercise. Over 100,000 people have. And 39 people have left comments about their core values. Go figure.

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