September 15, 2023 | Emily Pritt

How We Keep eLearning Fun, Interesting, and Engaging

Pathways badge feature

Our newly introduced eLearning platform, Pathways, is a remarkable tool offering diverse, unique features tailored to enhance content engagement. With its intuitive interface and cutting-edge technology, Pathways provides an immersive learning experience that captivates and educates users like never before. Here are some features that make learning fun, interesting, and engaging!


While exploring the visual elements, you’ll encounter quizzes that strengthen your comprehension of key ideas, ensuring a thorough and enjoyable educational experience. This feature is being rolled out across the platform and is marked with an icon showing the questionnaires’ location.

Example of questionnaires displaying an icon on the top of the video in the tree view


Some of the videos come with additional resources to enhance your learning experience. These resources may include forms, checklists, workbooks, and other digital materials. You can utilize these supplemental materials to understand the concepts discussed in the videos.

Example resource links in Pathways
Example of resource links in Pathways

Tree Content

When watching a video, the upper part of the screen displays the video itself. However, a “tree” outlines the video content if you scroll down.

If you right-click on a video clip (called nodes), you will see interaction options, such as adding markers to highlight important sections, asking questions, and sharing or commenting on the video.

Emphasize and Question are tools for marking areas of interest. Comments and sharing are for a wider audience, while Collect helps organize nodes to save for later.

Example of the tree content in Pathways
Example of the tree content in Pathways

Discussion Board

The discussion board feature at the bottom of each page lets you share your thoughts and ideas through written or video discussions. You can even upload images or other attachments along with your response.

It’s a simple process – all you have to do is post your response and engage in meaningful conversation. The Pathways platform offers you an excellent opportunity to express yourself and connect with others productively and interactively.

So, go ahead and share your insights with the community!

Video Discussion Feature of Pathways
Video Discussion Feature of Pathways


Our newest feature awards badges upon the completion of select videos. This means that you will be recognized for your efforts and progress as you engage with the content in our library. Keep climbing up the ranks and collecting more badges!

Pathways badge example
Pathways badge example

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