August 30, 2022 | Mark Paradies

Army Grounds CH-47 Chinook Helicopters

CH-47 Helicopter

CH-47s with Honeywell Engines Grounded Due to “Small Number” of Fires

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Army grounded 70 CH-47 helicopters out of an “abundance of caution” due to a small number of engine fires. A failed part was thought to be the cause of the fires.

An Army spokeswoman said the service identified the root cause of the fuel leaks, and the Army is taking steps to resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting or Root Cause Analysis

When a part has been identified as failing, I think of that process as troubleshooting, not root cause analysis.

Root cause analysis would include a complete understanding of what happened, as well as the determination of Causal Factors. Then each of the Causal Factors would be analyzed for its root causes.

For an equipment-related issue, the Equifactor®/TapRooT® Process would look like this…

Equifactor® Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

Finding the failed part would be the troubleshooting part of the process (step 2).

Causal Factors could include manufacturing errors, inspection errors, assembly errors, maintenance failures, testing errors, or improper use of the helicopters. Also, the investigator would look for previous failures that may not have been adequately assessed.

The root cause analysis of these Causal Factors (and all the information about each Causal Factor) would be performed using the TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® Diagram.

TapRooT® ® Root Cause Tree® Diagram

Once the root causes were identified for each Causal Factor, the team would decide if adequate Safeguards were available after the root causes were fixed with effective corrective actions.

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