October 11, 2013 | Barb Carr

Career Development Tip: How to Avoid a Bad Case of “The Mondays”

We often look forward to the weekend as a time to catch up on rest, but more often than not we stay up later or eat so far off schedule that it interferes with our normal sleep patterns and the opposite occurs.

“Social jet lag” or the discrepancy between our natural body clocks and our social clocks, can be hard on the body when Monday rolls around (and make us fat!).  It’s important to notice our individual circadian rhythms and stay true to them when the weekend rolls around for optimal health and wellness.

Learn more about social jet lag on the Huffington Post, “Is Social Jet Lag Harming Your Health?” and make plans to come to the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit to learn even more from a circadian rhythm expert!

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