May 8, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Audits Identify Serious Readiness Problems in US Navy Fleet – What are the Root Causes of These Maintenance and Safety Issues?

If you attend a TapRooT® class, you will hear the instructor promote proactive improvement, including the proactive use of root cause analysis tools. The instructors will show you how to find and fix the root causes of problems before a major accident occurs.

It seems that the Navy has a chance to act proactively. A recent audit (called an INSURV Inspection) turned up a litany of serious operational and safety problems on two Navy surface ships. Now the question is … Will the Navy find and fix the root causes or just fix the symptoms?

A fresh coat of paint and a haircut (tried and true Navy solutions) won’t solve these problems. Cracked gun barrels, degraded engines, and inoperable radars are signs of improper or inadequate maintenance. And poor maintenance is only an indicator of where the bigger problems lie.

My guess is that these ships and their crews have been run hard and underfunded. It would be interesting to see data that may shed light on my guess.

Support for the troops shouldn’t be just a political slogan. The real measure of support is funding to maintain equipment and to train those who go in harm’s way. Politics shouldn’t get in the way of the proper tools that our brave sailors, airmen, and soldiers need to fight a difficult war.

Root Cause Analysis
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