May 17, 2023 | Mark Paradies

When To Use Advanced Root Cause Analysis?

great root cause analysis

Are You Expecting Something for Nothing?


You never get something for nothing.
There is no “free ride.”
Or, as Sophocles said:

“Success is dependant on effort.”

This is true for many things … including root cause analysis. If you pick a root cause system that asks for minimum effort (say, 5-Whys), you will get minimum results. And is minimum results what you want when you are trying to stop accidents, improve quality, or save your company money?

Advanced root cause analysis is designed to provide the desired results while applying the deserved effort.

When To Apply Advanced Root Cause Analysis

Apply advanced root cause analysis when you need the desired results. For example,

  • Do you want improved safety?
  • Do you need to improve your lean/six sigma program?
  • Do you want to stop unexpected equipment failures and process downtime?
  • Do you need to stop human errors?
  • Have you been tasked with preventing cost overruns or project schedule delays?
  • Does management need to learn from customer complaints to prevent future quality issues?
  • Do you need to prevent future environmental permit violations to improve permit compliance?
  • Do you need to analyze human resource issues before taking disciplinary action?
  • Do your audits need to find and fix root causes rather than just identify issues?
  • Does management need accurate statistics to look for generic causes to improve performance across the company effectively?

Do any of the topics above catch your eye? Are they important? If so, you probably need advanced root cause analysis.

What is Advanced Root Cause Analysis?

We performed in-depth research on root cause analysis in the late 1980s and early 1990s and discovered the fundamentals needed for a successful root cause analysis program. We then built these fundamentals into the advanced root cause analysis system – TapRooT®. And we have been working with industry leaders from around the world to continually improve/refine the TapRooT® RCA System for over 30 years to make advanced root cause analysis easier to use and more effective.

To see how TapRooT® RCA works, read the white paper example of an environmental incident investigation by clicking on the article below…

advanced root cause analysis white paper

If You Are Interested, Attend TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Training

What type of TapRooT® Training should you attend? See the various courses HERE.

If you would like to attend one of our upcoming public TapRooT® Courses, see the course dates and locations HERE and get registered.

Or, if you would like to bring a TapRooT® Course to your site, CONTACT US for a quote.

But don’t wait. Remember what you need. Get training scheduled to bring the improvement that advanced root cause analysis provides to your company.

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