Advanced TapRooT® Skills Track


Advance your knowledge of TapRooT® RCA. How? Attend the Advanced TapRooT® Skills Track.

  • Improve your information collection practices.
  • Learn new ideas for improving investigations from other experienced TapRooT® Investigators.
  • Learn the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent people and the five qualities of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learn to build custom reports using the TapRooT® Software.
  • Discover how to use TapRooT® RCA for Learning Teams.

And go back to work with a plan to take your teaching of TapRooT® RCA to the next level.

Connect with the track leader, Barb Carr, on LinkedIn to learn more about this track.

Best Practice Sessions

Session 1
Witnessing an Incident and Gathering Evidence with the TapRooT® App | Dan Verlinde & Marcus Miller

Session 2
3 Skills to Take Your Investigations to the Next Level | Barb Carr

Session 3
Using TapRooT® to Improve Learning Teams | Alex Paradies

Session 4
Sharing Investigation & RCA Best Practices | Darrin Wertz & Mubashar Ahmed

Session 5
Change Analysis Exercise | Justin Clark

Session 6
TapRooT® Users’ Success Stories | Jason DalenVincent Vincek, Facilitator – Ken Reed

Session 7
Building a Roadmap to Success | Rick Hulse

Session 8
Building a Custom Report | Angie Comer

Session 9
The Intelligent Investigator – Affective Techniques for Effective Results | Emily Pritt