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TapRooT®’s experts in incident facilitation, root cause analysis and corrective actions can help your organization solve critical internal and external problems. When your company is in a situation that requires outside help, TapRooT®’s Root Cause Analysis experts can partner with your employees to identify and solve problems.

Where We Can Help


Did you have an incident that may lead to legal action? Get a review by a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis expert.

Quality Issue

Did a quality issue cause a serious customer complaint? Was the issue caused by your product, the customers actions, or maybe something outside your control? An outside expert can help facilitate a root cause analysis so that everyone leaves assured that the problems are fixed for good.

Disciplinary Issue

Does the union object to discipline after an incident? What did your root cause analysis show as the causes? Perhaps an independent review would help solve the issue?

Help Getting Started

Newly trained investigators may need help with their first complex investigation. Get an expert coach to critique their initial root cause analyses.

New Perspective Needed

Get a fresh set of eyes (a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis expert) to help your team when they need a new perspective.

Controversial Investigation

Root cause analysis isn’t about blame. It is about improvement. A TapRooT® expert from outside your organization can find root causes without causing controversy.

Continuous Improvement

How do you improve your team’s TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis skills? Of course, there is advanced training and the annual Global TapRooT® Summit. But we can also provide expert coaching to help sharpen your teams skills.

Overwhelmed Staff

With rapid corporate growth your investigation team can get overwhelmed. Let us provide a temporary augmentation of your staff to help you complete investigations in a timely manner.

From the information gleaned from our TapRooT® investigations—preventative measures and corrective actions—our incidents rates have declined dramatically over the years; and we proudly continue to earn top OSHA ratings for workplace safety.

Tom Howe Oilfield Project Group HSE Manager at Oceaneering

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