TapRooT® eLearning Pathways

TapRooT® eLearning Pathways is a microlearning platform composed of courses approximately 5 minutes in length. Topics are based on industry best practices.

As a member, you will

  • customize your learning pathway with short bursts of focused video content.
  • view and revisit any topic, at any time, on any device.
  • have access to the digital resources library.
  • network with other professionals in the members-only forum.
  • be the first to access new content released monthly.

TapRooT® Users & Friends may join as a Platinum Adventurer for unrestricted access to hundreds of eLearning topics plus our digital resources library. Improve your investigations, and learn from other professionals in our members-only forum. Plus, learn important soft skills that will positively influence your career and increase your level of contentment.


We invite you to try Pathways as a Freemium Level Explorer. Engage in select topics of interest for as long as you want, and network with all members – for free! Join our welcoming community.

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Diamond Level Membership is reserved for our expert guides, Certified TapRooT® Instructors. Contact us to confirm eligibility to enroll in this exclusive membership.

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Why Microlearning?

Microlearning is ideal for the busy EHS professional because it doesn’t disrupt the workday. Knowledge retention is improved when members learn “one bite at a time” Instead of trying to focus on and digest one-hour training videos.

These short training videos provide autonomous learning. Members not only choose what to learn but they can also choose topics relative to the work they do, and revisit them as many times as needed for a quick refresher. Skills are easily gained when members select focused videos that are just a few minutes long.



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