December 27, 2022 | Emily Pritt

3 Must Watch TapRooT® Videos – Watch Here

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Over the holiday break I have been looking at videos our TapRooT® Channel on YouTube , and want to share three videos that I believe you must watch. Whether you are a long term TapRooT®er, or just starting out, these videos showcase who we are and why we do what we do.

1. Root Cause Analysis Fundamentals Video

The first of the videos is one where Benna and Mark discuss root cause analysis fundamentals. I like this video because it is a great explanation of RCA, and specifically how the patented TapRooT® system provides advanced root cause analysis techniques in an easy to use format.

I’ll wait here while you take a look at this video:

So, what did you think?

The video is chock full of information that is worthy of a review from time to time. Studies show that refreshing knowledge keeps cognition sharp. I am a firm believer that training should be continual to be most effective.

If you are interested in training but not sure where to start just message We’re happy to help find the TapRooT® training that works best for you and your company.

2. Seven Secrets Video

Shall we go on? This next video is one of our most popular, Alex’s presentation of the 7 Secrets of RCA:

Wow! This video provides plenty to ponder. I encourage you to sift through each secret and how it applies to your current practices.

For a further explaination of these seven secrets I recommend this article.

3. Success Stories Video

This last video is an excellent choice for someone new to TapRooT® (and even TapRooT® System users) because this video illustrates the mission of TapRooT®.

Our goal through training is ultimately to find and fix problems so everyone can come home to their families. After all, we focus on Changing the Way the World Solves Problems.

Accidents and serious injuries can be prevented–take a look at Mark and Benna sharing how the proven TapRooT® System has been successful in the video below:

How incredible is it to know that lives are saved with TapRooT®! To see these videos and more, I recommend subscribing to our YouTube Channel! Subscribe here

I hope you enjoyed watching these TapRooT® videos! Of the three videos, which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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    I felt very glad to see Mark in this video, since I received from him more than 20 years ago the two complete courses of Root Failure Analysis and Equifactor in Nasville and Knoxville.
    If you can help me sending the more recent information that update me I will very thankfull.
    Thanks a lot to you, Mark and all the people that conforms this great enterprise.
    Also that this 2023 be of more progress.

    Seidel Muriel
    Cali, Colombia, South America.

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