CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track

Benna Hughes
The CAPA and Continuous Improvement Track has something for everyone. Are you trying to prevent incidents and improve your CAPA program? You need to learn from others’ CAPA Program success stories. This track is full of valuable information/best practices including taking your investigations skills to the next level and using TapRooT® for minor and major incidents and proactive improvement. See the track schedule below.

Connect with the track leader, Benna Hughes, on LinkedIn to learn more about this track.

Best Practice Sessions

Session 1
Setting Goals & Developing Performance Measures | Jake Locklear

Session 2
Three Skills to Take Your Investigations to the Next Level | Barb Carr

Session 3
Using Advanced Root Cause Analysis to Improve Your CAPA | Kevin McManus

Session 4
Ideas for Improving CAPA Sharing Best Practices | Benna Hughes, Heidi Reed, & Derek Vanhoy

Session 5
The GE Renewables Energy Improvements Using TapRooT® | Claus Rose

Session 6
TapRooT® Users’ Success Stories | Jason Dalen & Vincent Vincek, Facilitator – Ken Reed

Session 7
Roadmap to Success | Rick Hulse

Session 8
How to Use TapRooT® for Minor & Major Accidents & Proactive Improvement | Marcus Miller

Session 9
How Admiral Rickover Built the First High-Reliability Organization | Mark Paradies