April 8, 2020 | Marcus Miller

Staying Connected: Online Learning Available in May for Healthcare Providers

It’s extremely important that we stay connected and positive to help each other through this unprecedented event disrupting our lives

I wish the term “social distancing” would go away.  It makes it sound as though we shouldn’t be social and decent to each other as we hunker down and protect ourselves and loved ones from infection. “Physical distancing” is more appropriate in my mind. We should still stay social though all available means!

It’s also important to note that innovation will spike as we figure out how to overcome the challenges we face concerning patient safety, loss in revenues, working in a more dangerous environment, inadequate supplies, effective communication, etc. COVID-19 is challenging each of us–separately and collectively–to find new ways to work and communicate, particularly in healthcare.

Thank you to all of our guardian angels in healthcare

Your dedication to your fellow human beings is very much appreciated and laudable. Thank you for protecting all of us. Words simply can’t convey the extent of our appreciation.

In the long run, we will see amazing opportunities created by this pandemic as we create efficiencies with new best practices and introduce those best practices into our systems. That’s what Root Cause Analysis is all about. It’s about finding the best practices and/or the knowledge currently missing from your organization and creating corrective actions to introduce that missing knowledge or best practice to eliminate the root causes of problems you face. You get rid of the root causes, you decrease or eliminate the risk of the same bad outcome again. (Definition of root causes)

I’m sure innovation is in hyper-drive at your workplace. It is most certainly alive and well at System Improvements. We are starting a series of webinars to help our TapRooT® users continue to build on the skills they’ve learned and to introduce a better way to conduct Root Cause Analysis to a whole new audience.

I’m very pleased to announce our first Healthcare Webinar will be offered in May

Improve Patient Safety, Clinical Outcomes, and Business Metrics using Effective Root Cause Analysis

The webinar topics will include:

• The dangers of blame and bias and how to eliminate them from your Root Cause Analysis
• The “Why” and “How” of Root Cause Analysis
• Importance of standardizing your Root Cause Analysis Process
• How Root Cause Analysis Enhances Already Established Programs like Lean
• The Compliance and HR Benefits of an Effective Root Cause Analysis
• Patient Safety Improvement Opportunities
• Clinical Outcomes Improvement Opportunities
• Business and Operational Improvement Opportunities
• Example of an Effective Root Cause Analysis

If you have topics that you would like the webinar to cover or specific questions you would like answered concerning Root Cause Analysis, please email me at marcus.miller@taproot.com and I’d be happy to consider incorporating the topic or answers during the webinar http://webbanki.ru.

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