February 16, 2015 | Barb Carr

Remembering an Accident: Rolandmühle (The Roland Mill) Explosion

On February 16, 1979, 14 employees died and 17 were injured during a flour dust explosion at The Roland Mill located in Bremen, Germany. The explosion covered 30 acres of ground in flour rain.

The accident investigation indicated a cable fire started in the flour sample camber that created a powerful explosion. The fire spread across the conveyor bridge causing little flour explosions. The explosions caused the upper storage room to fill up with more flour than usual. In the upper storage room another small explosion happened that caught the flour silo on fire.

The burning silos caused enormous amounts of pressure that ripped off roofs and collapsed walls. Allowing the building to burst into flames.

The Mill has since then been restored and is still in operation to this day.


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