July 31, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Past Halfway – Review 2023 Progress

past halfway

Check Improvement Plans – Measure Results

Did you know that the older you get, the faster time seems to fly?

With July at a close, 2023 is more than halfway complete. How are your 2023 improvement plans progressing?

Now is a great time to pull out your plans and measure your progress … review how 2023 is going.

For example:

  • Have you shared lessons learned across your company?
  • Have you completed or scheduled the root cause analysis and incident investigation training that your people need?
  • Have you implemented your RCA software updates? Have You connected your TapRooT® Software to your information management system (quality management system or HSE management system)?
  • Have some people moved on to other jobs or other companies, and you need to get other people trained to replace them?
  • Are there new skills that your folks need? Have you figured out what training to send them to?
  • Have you started planning your improvement initiative for 2024 and getting the budget in place?

At System Improvements, our instructors have completed advanced training to keep their skills updated. Plus, we have:

  • Updated our cloud hosting provider and are in the midst of changing over our data and the data from our hosted sites. (Part of our SOC 2 and GDPR compliance efforts.)
  • Completed our first TapRooT® Software update of 2023 and started designing and developing our next improvement initiative.
  • Planned our 2024 Global TapRooT® Summit scheduled for April 29 – May 3 (including the Keynote Speakers) and updated the Summit website. The Summit will be held at the Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas.
  • Revised several of our courses, including the Stopping Human Error Course (the next one is scheduled for October 4-5 in Knoxville, Tennessee).

Mid-course Corrections

When you checked your 2023 plans, were there any unexpected results? Things that weren’t progressing on schedule? Initiatives you forgot to start? If so, NOW is the time for “midcourse corrections.” Get things back on track or revise scheduled efforts to account for changes.

Want to watch for mid-course corrections on a real missile launch (from SPACEX)? Watch the video below…

Now for your midcourse corrections … What do you need to do? For example, if you didn’t get your on-site TapRooT® Training scheduled, call us (865-539-2139) now to get the courses scheduled before the end of 2023. Time flies faster than you think, and training slots will fill up (especially near the end of the year).

Preliminary 2024 Plans

August of 2024 is the time to start making plans for 2024.

Have you collected your improvement ideas for 2024 and started to get management support and budget?

That reminds me of one of the keynote talks we have planned for the 2024 Global TapRooT® Summit.

Amy, Mark, and Alex

Mark Paradies, Amy Souders, and Alex Paradies will be presenting:

Aligning Your Improvement Activities with Management’s
Goals to Achieve Total Management Support

This talk came from an idea that Mark had at the 2023 Summit. This is the question he thought that TapRooT® Users needed to be able to answer:

Can you explain to your senior management how
TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis helps them meet their corporate goals?

Mark, Amy, and Alex will provide three examples and help you develop your answer to this question. And the great news when you can answer this question is that it is much easier to get management support when they can answer this question and see how your improvement initiatives are essential to achieving their success.

Start making your plans for 2024. Make sure that you include attending the 2024 Summit in your plans and budgets.

team at the Summit

Consider bringing a team to the 2024 Summit and getting a multi-attendee discount.

discounts SAVE

Hope to see you there!

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