May 22, 2013 | Barb Carr

New Personal Healthcare Device Tracks Vital Signs

The new Scanadu Scout is being promoted as a device that can help anyone conduct their own physical exams from the comfort of their own homes. The device reportedly tracks your vital sign, temperature, ECG, heart rate, even stress.  According to the company’s website, you can use the device to scan your body and “learn ways that different people, locations, activities, foods, beverages, and medicines affect your body.”

Mashable reports that “On a basic level, you can see that your temperature or heart rate is elevated from the norm at any given time. On a larger level, you can also see potential problems headed your way by noticing abnormalities before they become physical issues.”

What do you think? Will this help people get to the root cause of medical issues or simply identify symptoms? Will users understand how to interpret the results? Will people come to rely on it too much as a proactive healthcare tool and feel annual exams are not necessary?



Root Cause Analysis
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