July 9, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Bulldozer – Worker Fatality Highlights One of the Three Types of Fatal Accidents That Occur at Companies Around the World

Here’s a link to a story about a fatal bulldozer accident at a Waste Management refuse facility in San Leandro, CA:


A 66-year-old employee who was directing traffic at a public drop-off zone was struck by a bulldozer.

The last Root Cause Network Newsletter™ had an article that described the three basic types of fatal accidents. This one falls into the vehicle Accidents category (specifically, the mobile equipment – pedestrian accident sub-type).

That issue of the newsletter pointed out that each type of accident needs its own program to reduce the chance of fatalities. And each program needs advanced root cause analysis to make it effective.

By the way, the vehicle category probably causes the most work-related fatalities at US companies.

What are you doing to stop fatalities in all three fatality accident categories? If you need help developing a strategy, contact us at 865-539-2139.

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