July 31, 2018 | Ken Reed

Investigating Even the Smallest Problems using TapRooT®


Many companies think about using TapRooT® only when something really significant occurs. Things like major environmental releases, or serious injuries, or expensive quality control issues. These are considered Major Investigations in TapRooT®.

Some companies are also using TapRooT® on less complex, lower risk problems. Problems such as a dropped object, a small spill from a container, or a minor first aid case might be investigated using the Simple Investigation process in TapRooT®.

However, what about REALLY simple problems? Does it make sense to perform entire TapRooT® investigations for just a simple problem that you spot on the job site? Actually, TapRooT® is EXCELLENT at helping you quickly find root causes for even small issues, before they become incidents or near misses. Think about the benefits of finding, analyzing, and fixing these tiny problems:

  • They are pretty easy to find
  • They are pretty easy to fix
  • They are pretty inexpensive to fix
  • They have the opportunity to prevent major issues in the future

Chris Vallee and I talked a bit about this on our last TapRooT® Live session.  Take a look here and let us know what you think.

Root Cause Analysis
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