July 31, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Interesting Wikipedia Article – Sub Accidents Since 2000



Here’s a list of the accidents covered:

1. Kursk Disaster
2. USS Greeneville Collision with and Sinking of the Ehime-Maru
3. USS Dolphin Major Flooding and Fire
4. HMS Trafalgar
5. HMAS Dechaineux flooding
6. Ming 361 Loss of All Personnel
7. K-159 Sinking
8. USS Hartford grounding
9. HMCS Chicoutimi Fire
10. USS San Francisco grounding
11. The AS-28 Emergency
12. The USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul Incident
13. USS Newport News collides with Japanese tanker Mogamigawa
14. HMS Tireless
15. HMS Superb

Root Cause Analysis
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