October 28, 2020 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Hiding from Root Causes (Taboo RCA Topics): A TapRooT® TV Video Premiere

Are there some topics that could be solved through RCA but considered taboo at your company?

Think about it. Perhaps these issues aren’t even concretely identified, for one reason or another. In today’s TapRooT® TV video premiere “Hiding from Root Causes (Taboo RCA Topics),” Alex Paradies and Benna Hughes discuss how to handle these taboo topics that you may be avoiding. This knowledgeable duo also explores why it’s important to make sure these so-called “taboo RCA topics” are covered.

This is essential: You don’t want blame or biases to get in the way of complete investigations. Check out Alex and Benna (above) in today’s video premiere.

Getting all the information is so important when you are gathering your evidence

We discuss what information employees are likely to give you and what they are likely to avoid.  No one wants to place blame on a supervisor or a coworker. So, often, particular topics remain securely slipped “under the rug” because of this.
Also, how can you tell if there is an issue with this in your investigations? Listen as Alex shares great tips for figuring this out.  And we will give you some tips on how to make sure you’re getting the whole story so you can fix the issues in a blameless manner and stop these issues from continuing to occur.

Improve your investigative-interviewing skills and evidence collection

Solid evidence collection and interviewing techniques are critical to great investigations. It’s important to stick to the facts; otherwise, it’s easy to develop ineffective corrective actions. Don’t try to develop fixes for what you assume happened!
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