July 9, 2011 | Barb Carr

Global Root Cause Analysis eNewsletter – More Valuable Resources!

TapRooT® Friends & Experts:

This week we have added some content to the TapRooT® Friends & Experts (Root Cause Analysis) eNewsletter that we think you will find of value.

First, we’ve added a few past articles to the Root Cause Analysis tips column.
Our instructors write about topics that you have asked at our courses.  We know you’re busy, so we want to give you every opportunity to benefit from this valuable information and ongoing training by highlighting these past topics in the weekly eNewsletter before they get buried at the bottom of the blog.

Second, we’re adding reader feedback to some of our columns.
This week you will notice it in the Career Development column and in the TapRooT® Mail column.  Our subscribers have very thought-provoking ideas and we encourage you to join the discussion and share ideas.

Finally, we love multi-media!
Our video links are easy to miss among all the information we send you in the eNewsletter, so this week I’ve highlighted them with a video icon.

Let us know what you think about these improvements when you get your next edition on Tuesday, July 12.

And thank you for being a valued subscriber!  (If you are not yet subscribed to the best global root cause analysis eNewsletter available, please send a request to me, Barbara, at editor(at)taproot.com with “please subscribe me to the eNewsletter” in the subject line.  The eNewsletter delivers the latest news and information from the Root Cause Analysis blog to your inbox every Tuesday.)

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