July 26, 2019 | Mark Paradies

Dam Collapse Blood Money and Inspection Shenanigans

(Screen shot above from the International Construction website.)

We’ve written about the Brumadinho dam collapse in two previous articles:

What is a bad accident?

When is it SMART to Not Pick the Low Price Option?

Saw another brief report that implied that employees of the company that inspected the dam knew it was unsafe (“vulnerable to collapse”).

The story also said that Vale, the operator of the mine, paid:

…US$107 million in collective moral damages and US$186,000 to each of the close relatives of those who died in the incident.”

300 lives lost times $186,000 per “close relative” can start to add up. It will never be enough to make the families whole.

Is it enough to change the corporate culture? I’ll let you be the judge.

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