January 31, 2022 | Barb Carr

Free Webinar: How Conservative Decision-Making Changes Safety Culture

conservative decision-making

Improve safety culture at your facility by improving your ability to spot conservative decision-making (or non-conservative decision-making).

Register now for our February 7, 2022 webinar, and learn how conservative decision-making changes safety culture.

Workers are often blamed for making non-conservative decisions to get the work done, but we tend to look the other way when senior leaders encourage or make non-conservative decisions. This is unfortunate because our leaders set the tone for decisions made throughout the organization. Your management’s philosophy can protect your people, the environment, and your companies reputation.

Meet the Instructors

Mark Paradies brings knowledge of human factors, equipment reliability, and high-reliability organizations to the field of root cause analysis. After receiving a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Mark served in Admiral Rickover’s Nuclear Navy where he received NAVSEA 08’s Engineer Certification; learned Rickover’s equipment reliability best practices, and participated in Rickover’s culture of operational excellence. Mark then studied Human Factors at the University of Illinois while completing a Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering.

Mark brought this knowledge of operation excellence, human factors, and equipment reliability to the development of effective root cause analysis practices while working at Du Pont. His work there led him to start System Improvements and bring advanced root cause analysis concepts to the world.

Alex Paradies helps clients learn how to maximize TapRooT® as an investigative and predictive methodology. Alex came on board full-time in 2019 but is no stranger to TapRooT®. It’s no coincidence that he shares the last name of the co-developer of TapRooT®, Mark Paradies – he has grown up in the business and is excited about the next generation of TapRooT®.

He brings with him over six years of experience at The Timken Company where he skillfully managed over 100 workers in a competitive job shop environment. His background also includes experience as an Industrial Engineering Manager, Sr Lean Engineer, a reliability intern at Novelis and undergraduate researcher. He has a B.S. in Material Science & Engineering, as well as a minor in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee.

Register and Improve your Safety Culture with Conservative Decision-Making

“How Conservative Decision-Making Changes Safety Culture”

Instructors: Mark Paradies and Alex Paradies

February 7, 2022

1:00 – 2:00 pm EST

Root Cause Analysis
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