March 19, 2021 | Barb Carr

Certified TapRooT® Instructors: Important Info!

If you are a Certified TapRooT® Instructor, to maintain your certification credentials you must attend Global TapRooT® Summit Week (all five days) every other year. The five-day requirement includes two Pre-Summit course days plus the 3-day Summit. If you did not attend the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit, then you will be required to attend in 2021 to continue teaching TapRooT® at your company. Attending June 14-18, 2021 will extend your instructor certification to 2023.

Why must you attend?

This track is designed to keep our Certified Instructors abreast of the latest material, maximize their teaching ability, and share best practices. After attending the Summit to get recertified, you will go back to work with an even better understanding of TapRooT®. Yes, there’s always something to learn. You will have the latest material in hand and be ready to share the information through the courses you teach to your employees. We want to help you grow as an instructor who represents TapRooT®.

The Summit is a hybrid event this year, attend in-person or virtually.

Good news! You can complete your certification online this year if that works better for you. We have created an interactive virtual option that was built to make you feel like you are at the Summit. You have the opportunity to ask questions, be part of group exercises and network with other professionals.

Michelle Wishoun and Ken Reed are leading this track and are looking forward to seeing you (in-person or virtually) in June.

Pick a 2-Day Pre-Summit Course.

To pick a course, first, consider which one might help your performance improvement knowledge the most.

The 2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Essentials (in-person) and 3-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Essentials (virtual) are good courses to refresh your knowledge and see the latest teaching techniques.

The Stopping Human Error Training (virtual and in-person) will give you new ideas to help improve your company’s efforts to improve human performance.

If you want to add equipment troubleshooting and root cause analysis to the things you teach, expand your license to include the Equifactor® Troubleshooting and TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course to get ready to co-teach that course at your facility. This course is offered in-person and virtual this year.

To get really knowledgeable about the TapRoot® VI Software, attend Getting the Most from your TapRooT® Software (virtual and in-person).

To add evidence collection and interviewing techniques to your TapRooT® License, get started by attending the TapRooT® Evidence Collection and Interviewing Techniques to Sharpen Investigation Skills Training. This course is virtual only this year.

Another skill that you may be interested in is Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke). Learn it from an expert, Kevin McManus, in the Best Practices in Mistake Proofing & Effective Corrective Action Training (virtual).

And last, but not least, improve the outcomes of your current risk assessments by attending Risk Management – Best Practices, ROBT Risk, & Opportunity Based Thinking (virtual). This course is taught by international risk management expert, Jim Whiting.

Register for the 3-Day Summit.

Below are the sessions Michelle and Ken have planned for you. If you see Summit sessions you want to attend that are not on this track, you are only required to attend the TapRooT® Instructor Recertification Session. You may choose other sessions that capture your interest and strengthen your skills and expertise that are not on this track.

TapRooT® Users Share Best Practices

This session shares three TapRooT® User Success Stories that can help you discover how to improve incident investigation, root cause analysis, product quality, and human performance. Success stories from Weatherford (Shawn Holden), Patheon (Tammy Mascioli), and Nine Energy Service (Jeff Gleason). Take home proven ideas that will help your company improve performance.

Making Better TapRooT® Users

This session will have the benefit of two experienced TapRooT® users sharing hints, tips, and tricks on setting up and running their programs. Tammy Mascioli, lead in setting up and running the program at Thermo Fisher, will discuss her success in maintaining the competency of her TapRooT® Users. Her user base is spread across 2 continents, and she will share innovative ideas on keeping her users up-to-date and proficient in using the system. Susan Lee at Marathon will share her experiences on successfully incorporating newly-trained TapRooT® Users into her program. She does more than just train them and hope they get it; she’ll explain the best ways to get your team quickly up to speed.

Using Causal Factor Worksheets

The Causal Factor Worksheets make it easier for new TapRooT® Users to find root causes and perform a better investigation. However, the Causal Factor Worksheets also help experienced users make sure they have identified all the Causal Factors and thereby have a more complete root cause analysis. Join TapRooT’s Tim Diggs and Stephanie Tipton to improve your investigations.

REQUIRED: TapRooT® Instructor Recertification

This session is REQUIRED for certification to ensure you receive all the latest and greatest TapRooT® news and materials. Michelle and Ken will see you there!

Building Custom Reports in the TapRooT® Software

Custom reports provide consistency and ensures management receives all relevant information pertinent to the investigation. But not just any generic template, one that you design to meet the specific needs of your company. Join Dan Verlinde and Angie Comer for the latest software feature updates.

How to Be a 5-Star Instructor

Learn TapRooT® Certified Instructor Tips & Tricks with Bekah Freed, and adult education tips from Demetra Johnson.

Injury-Proofing Your Employees with Body Education & Badassery

In order to get buy-in and engagement of ergonomic and back safety initiatives, it’s essential to explain the WHY behind it all. Understanding how the body responds to repetitive, physical work and its natural warning signs makes it easier to catch any small body problems before they become large injuries. Join Lori Frederic for this dynamic session.

And there is more!

Check out our website to learn about our Keynote Speakers: Olympic Medalist, Shannon Miller, Master Communicator, Vicent Phillips, UT Football Hero, Inky Johnson and TapRooT®‘s Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Verlinde.

And don’t forget to book a room in beautiful downtown Knoxville if you are attending in person!

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