May 18, 2012 | Barb Carr

Career Development: Seven Tips for Investing in Yourself

Dorie Clark, a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the American Management Association’s publications posted an interesting article about seven investments in yourself you should commit to right now for your career development.

Dorie writes:

“When work gets busy, it’s easy to skimp on the “expendable” parts of your day. After all, it won’t kill you to miss a gym visit or put off reading that new business book. But over time, a lack of investment in yourself begins to show.

Look at it this way: in Massachusetts, where I live, the state now faces nearly $19 billion in overdue infrastructure repairs—roads, bridges, and transit systems that are woefully out of date and possibly dangerous. The backlog has grown so enormous—nearly the size of the state’s entire annual budget—that it’s hard to make any progress. Those cut corners didn’t happen overnight; they’re the result of a million small decisions over the years.”  (Read seven tips.)

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