August 31, 2012 | Barb Carr

Career Development: How to Find a Job Using Twitter, Part 2

Last week we talked about how to find a job on Twitter using hashtags (view post).

This week, we’ll focus on 3 tips to enhance your professional image on Twitter so that you attract the attention of potential employers.

1. Create a Professional Username and Profile.  You only have 140 characters to be clear about what you do or want to do and where you are. Add LinkedIn profile link or professional website link. Now, just start look for people to follow and tweet away! Try something like: “Looking for career advice in the oil & gas industry. Can anyone help?” or “Seeking internship in the Texas area in petrochemical for the summer. Any suggestions?”

2.  Tweet Like an Industry Expert.  On Twitter, you are essentially your own PR person. Keep in mind “you are what you tweet” and everything you tweet adds to or subtracts from your professional image. Make sure your Twitter stream represents you as a professional individual that has important and unique thoughts to contribute. Your goal is to tweet like an industry expert.

3.  Share Information that is Relevant to your Industry.  Share links that are relevant to those you follow and those who follow you, adding your own commentary to the links. This shows that you’re keeping up with your industry and gives potential employers a look into what you read and care about.  Help them see how you may fit into their company’s work environment.

These 3 simple tips can help you expand your network on your job search and reach out to companies that would otherwise be difficult to contact through traditional networking.

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