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True in 2010 … Even More True in 2023! Attend the Conference That Is 170% Better.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.

The Global TapRooT® Summit … 170% Better Than a Regular Conference!

Back in 2010, I wrote the Summit evaluation below. Guess what … it’s even more true today! Read on to find out how the Global TapRooT® Summit is 170% better than a regular conference.

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170% Better

At some conferences, 90% of what you get is networking. You meet some great people and take home some new “best practices” that you can apply at your facility.

At some conferences, 90% of what you get comes from great keynote speakers. They inspire you to go back to work and accomplish even more.

At some conferences, 90% of what you get is from the breakout sessions. The small group interactions, lessons learned, and best practice sharing in these smaller sessions can really be helpful in developing an improvement initiative.

Why can’t you have all three? Who knows. But finding all three together is uncommon.

In my career, I’ve attended a lot of conferences. Seven or more a year, most years (until COVID). I’d guess that’s more than most people. I did it to stay on top of the latest improvement initiatives. Here is what I’ve found: There is one conference that has all three – networking, great keynote speakers, and great breakout best practice session – EVERY YEAR … The Global TapRooT® Summit. Read on to find out more…

The Calculation

You get the:

  • 90% networking, and the
  • 90% great keynote speakers, and the
  • 90% amazing breakout sessions

ALL in one conference – The Global TapRooT® Summit..

That’s 90% + 90% + 90% = 270%!!!

170% more than most conferences (270% – 100%).

Ok … You may think that Mark is going nuts. After all, what conference has 170% more than other conferences? Well, let’s look at each of the categories for PROOF.

Keynote Speakers

Summit Keynote Speakers 2023

Who are the five Keynote Speakers at the 2022 TapRooT® Summit?

  • Security Expert Frank Abagnale (Made famous in the movie Catch Me If You Can)
  • Susan Carnicero (Former CIA employee who invented a system to detect lies)
  • RoDonda Vaught (A nurse who was criminally prosecuted for making a mistake)
  • Garrison Wynn (Safety communication expert)
  • Barb Carr (TapRooT® Instructor and our life coach)

Find out more details about the inspiring and informative talks they will give at THIS LINK.

After attending the Summit, I know you will say…

“These are the best Keynote Speakers I’ve ever heard at a conference.”


I’ve had many TapRooT® Summit participants tell me that the networking at the TapRooT® Summit is the best. Better than any other conference they have ever attended. And I know why. We work hard to make it the best networking conference on the planet. Plus, we make networking FUN.

What do we do? You’ll have to be there to experience it. But here are some clues.

Attendees playing the Name Game.

First, we start out with a networking exercise (the Name Game) to get each participant to meet a minimum of three new people that they share something in common. I personally assign these introductions by reviewing all the Summit attendees and making the introduction pairings for all the Summit participants. Is this hard? Yes. But it is worthwhile.

Second, we sponsor the Summit Reception on the first night of the Summit so you can meet even more great folks.

Summit Reception
People at the reception.

Third, we make lunch a networking event by letting you pick your favorite TapRooT® Instructor or Speaker to sit with at lunch.

Fourth, several of the best practice sessions are organized to encourage even more networking.

People networking sharing best practices.

Fifth, unlike mega-conferences with thousands of attendees, you really can meet and have discussions with the Keynote Speakers.

And finally, because we emphasize networking so much, everyone participates in it. Networking becomes natural. Introductions happen spontaneously. If someone doesn’t know you, they ask who you are and what you do. And you will find meeting new people easier and more fun than you ever have before.

After you play the “Name Game” and meet your new friends and industry colleagues, I’m sure you will agree that the Summit deserves a 100% score (not just 90%) for networking.

Breakout Best Practices Sessions

When we first started planning Summits back in 1994, we worked to make each of the technical sessions full of new best practices, great ideas, and sharing of lessons learned. As the Summit developed over the years, we added topical tracks and sessions (there are 8 tracks with over 40 presentations plus 5 keynote talks this year).

This year the eight Summit Breakout Best Practice Tracks are…

But that’s not all. You can mix and match sessions from each track to customize your Summit experience and develop Your Own Personal Track.

To find out more about each track and the speakers providing each session, see THIS LINK. But here are just a sample of some of the Best Practice Sessions you could attend:

  • Using TapRooT® to Improve Learning Teams
  • How to Stop Non-Conservative Decisions
  • How Admiral Rickover Built the First High-Reliability Organization
  • Sharing Investigations & RCA Best Practices
  • When Process Safety Fails
  • Getting Off the Plateau, Taking Safety Improvement to the Next Level
  • Setting Goals & Developing Performance Measures
  • TapRooT® Users’ Success Stories
  • Using TapRooT® to Improve CAPA
  • Sharing Equipment Reliability Best Practices
  • TapRooT® Instructor Share Teaching Best Practices

And that’s just a sample. Pick your sessions and listen to the speakers, and I know you will agree a score of 100% for the Breakout Best Practice Sessions is well deserved.

Total Score

So, maybe the formula should be:

100% + 100% + 100% = 300%

That makes the TapRooT® Summit 200% better than other conferences.

That’s three times as good! (300% ÷ 100% = 3)

Even though you might not agree with my math … You get the idea.

Wait! There’s More … FUN!

What is there besides networking, education, and inspiration? FUN!

First, there is the fun of the Name Game.

Second is the fun of the reception. We will have a Jimmy Buffet cover band play at the reception, plus drinks and food.

Thursday night, you can go out with some of your new friends or just enjoy the many amenities at the Margaritaville Lake Resort. Watch the video below for ideas…

What an amazing place to hold the Summit.

Add 100% Fun to the equation. That’s 400%!

Register Today

Don’t miss this chance to improve your improvement knowledge, connections, and motivation while having fun. The 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit is coming up on April 24-28 at the Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe, near Houston, Texas. Get the approvals you need and get REGISTERED today!

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